2012 NATIONAL RESEARCH SURVEY of 10,000,000 American Taxpayers on How Much the Federal Government Should Take of Every Dollar You Earn



Why Your Participation In this 2012 Survey Is Important:

This survey is a key part of AFP's $35.4 MILLION advertising, media, citizen education, and grassroots initiative to pass an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will permanently cap federal spending to a maximum of 18 percent of the U.S. economic output . . . or less.

We will deliver the results of this enormous landmark survey to...

  • President Obama and his top advisors;
  • Every member of Congress;
  • Every candidate for Congress;
  • All 50 state governors and every state lawmaker; and
  • The national news media.

The purpose of this survey is to . . .

  1. Show Congress just how strongly Americans want this Constitutional Amendment passed immediately;
  2. Help us identify and mobilize millions of citizens to write and call Congress to demand the immediate passage of this Spending Limitation Constitutional Amendment; and
  3. Send a strong message to our elected officials that Americans are outraged that our federal government is spending America into economic ruin (now borrowing 43 cents of every dollar it spends).

You can be sure an enormous survey like this of 10,000,000 taxpayers will be taken seriously by Congress and will receive wide media coverage.

Please also include your most generous contribution using the reply form below when submitting the answers to your survey.

Tim Phillips


The Federal government has run up a $16 TRILLION national debt. The national debt is forecast to be $25 TRILLION in the year 2020 if federal spending continues on its present course. Shockingly, the federal government now borrows 43 cents out of every $1 it spends. Could you run your household budget this way?

Question 1: How much out of every dollar you earn do you think is fair for the federal government to take?


Question 2: Do you think America's standard of living is being lowered because of Washington's failure to control its spending?


AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY believes Congress does not have the discipline to control spending on its own. AFP believes the only way to force Congress to control spending is to permanently cap federal spending at a percentage of the total U.S. economy (GDP). That's why AFP is supporting the Spending Limitation Constitutional Amendment proposed by Senators Mike Lee and Jim DeMint, which permanently caps federal spending at 18% (or less) of every dollar earned in America.

Question 3: Would you like to see a Spending Limitation Constitutional Amendment passed into law, such as the Amendment described above?


Question 4: AFP believes that more important than the exact percentage of the spending cap is that we have some reasonable spending cap on Congress because this will provide certainty in law that will allow businesses and families to make financial and investment plans for the future. AFP believes stability and certainty in law is a key component of restoring prosperity to America. Do you agree or disagree with this proposition?


AFP believes that if Congress actually followed the Constitution, our federal government would be about one-third the size it is now. Unfortunately, Congress routinely ignores the Constitution. That's why we think it's necessary to add an amendment to the Constitution that clearly and explicitly caps how much of America's wealth can be confiscated and spent by the government . . . and to force our government to live within its means.

Question 5: Do you agree or disagree with AFP that a Spending Limitation Constitutional Amendment would help make the Constitution a clearer and stronger charter that limits the size and scope of our federal government?


AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY (AFP) has launched a $35.4 million advertising, media, citizen education, and grassroots citizen action lobbying effort to build overwhelming pressure on Congress to vote in favor of the Spending Limitation Constitutional Amendment proposed by Senators Mike Lee and Jim DeMint.

Question 6: Are you more likely or less likely to vote to re-elect your representatives in Congress (House and Senate) if they vote for this Spending Limitation Constitutional Amendment?


Question 7: Will you send the best donation you can right now to help fund this $35.4 million national advertising, media, and grassroots citizen lobbying effort AFP is conducting to pressure Congress to pass this Spending Limitation Constitutional Amendment and send it to the 50 states for ratification?

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